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Guys; these guys are absolutely amazing to work with!

I would rate them 10 of 10; here goes my experience- Selling my condo - I had 2 months' time to sell my condo and buy a townhome in Surrey BC. Starting from initial meeting we had, researching market stats, arranging video & photo tour (they went with best photographers in town, we dint go with iPhone clicks for MLS, lol), printing marketing brochures, listing my unit, finally comes the open house day and guess what, these guys got me the top $ per sq ft for my unit exactly what we were aiming for and most amazing we had an accepted offer in less than 4 days, isn’t that awesome...I am a full time working mgmt professional and have a limited time after long workdays including travel; all I had to was trust and give keys to Nidish & Anish and they made it all happen! Pre Approval - Nidish referred me to his mortgage broker @SAMIR HIRE, who did his absolute best to get approval for what I need at the best market interest rate, the best part is Nidish/Anish worked directly with Samir as a team in my best interest to get exactly what I had wanted! Buying Townhome - I remember they called all the listings I had shortlisted and updated me on the status of each one; these guys had truly worked so hard in this showing me almost 22+ homes in 2 weeks; would you believe Nidish or Anish would be waiting in front of my plc almost every day by the time I came back from office; they would take me around showing the home booking private viewings. Finally they found me the best townhouse in Cloverdale, HARVEST @ Bose; and negotiated the place for less than asking price in hot townhome market, and in fact, closed the deal before this unit got into open house market and saved me good $. They also recommended a notary lawyer to take care of my selling and buying paperwork; I have to say this lawyer #w.masri notary (Hassan El Masri) was so proactive & amazing; he had called me in 2 weeks before to discuss all information and made the whole process so smooth, no last-minute surprises! People; sorry for the long post! But this is to show how much these guys genuinely care for their clients, I have come across realtors who do not have even have time to go for viewings with their clients, or on flip side, they will call us for private showings and not be present in last minute and have the homeowner do hard job of selling house, still cashing out big $$ commission Chq. I have been around in construction/ trade industry for over 8 years and have my contacts in place with other realtors/ brokers, but so happy I made a decision to go with Nidish/ Anish from JOVI Realty, had to mention JOVI, amazing brokerage who genuinely care for their agents and support them at any time of day with queries which helped us big time in making right decisions! What I see working with these guys is “VALUE” with their energy, genuine interest and actions, negotiating skills, and basically 2 guys (NIDISH & ANISH) working for you as a team, it’s all about who could deliver the best value for $ commissions paid! “Happy Selling or Buying HOME’s” with these Abraham brothers! Cheers:-)

Kaushik Tilak

Nidish & Anish are very talented young and upcoming realtors in Burnaby neighborhood.

They put all their best effort to make all your buying and selling needs. I would recommend them

Boby Mathew

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